Digital technology consultancy and solution architecture

Xacam is a specialised digital experience technology consultancy employing human-centred design and systems thinking, lean and agile methods that operate at the intersection of business and technology:

1. Problem: Growing pains, changes to a business model, new services

Solution: Technology capability building and target operating model to scale or expand services

Example activities: 

  • Audit of existing capabilities in terms of people, process and technology
  • Assessment against goals and industry standards
  • Definition of a target operating model with roles, teams, skills and tooling

2. Problem: Reduce costs and time to market with fixed capabilities

Solution: Optimisation with people, tech and process improvements to get more of existing resources

Example activities:

  • Review culture, roles, people, skills, tools and ways of working to establish goals and measurements for time to market and quality standards 
  • Recommend a mix of team structures, partner ecosystem, agile and lean methods, DevOps, continuous delivery, automation, standardisation of processes and collaborative documentation

3. Problem: Don’t know what you have in terms of technology or other capabilities and whether they are fit for purpose to execute against your strategic objectives

Solution: Perform an audit and assessment to benchmark your capabilities such as digital platforms, tools, processes or roles against industry standards and your own tailored requirements.

Example activities:

  • Gather and interrogate your short-term and medium-term goals, barriers, risks and pain points and define requirements to achieve them
  • Review technical documentation, systems, technology and infrastructure architectures and ways of working and document as a working map of resources
  • Design and document using a standardised set of lean architecture diagrams, a matrix of resources and findings with actionable recommendations for mitigation and next steps

4. Problems: Outgrown platforms or need to rebuild or expand online presence; operational issues due to functional gaps or a disconnected technology estate

Solution: Digital solution design for a platform project approach; enterprise architecture for an organisational technology view that meets business strategy

Example activities: 

  • Analyse business strategy, user research and requirements, risks and assumptions 
  • As is technology profile and to be options benchmarked against the marketplace
  • System and functional capability modelling, technology selection and architecture blueprinting
  • Resourcing needs, indicative costs and roadmap 

5. Problem: How to manage the risk in choosing the right fit of critical applications, systems or platforms from the marketplace?

Solution: Procurement and tech vendor selection with a structured framework and broad market insights

Example activities:

  • Marketplace review
  • Requirements and capabilities review and mapping
  • Scenarios to test and demo
  • Scoring vendors against tailored criteria
  • Business case development

6. Problem: How to manage change during business as usual with lack of time or space?

Solution: Advisory-as-a-service to tech leadership offering change and portfolio management to free up time and provide objective and experienced perspectives drawn from other sectors as well as non-profits

Example activities

  • Business case development
  • Change portfolio and programme management
  • Ongoing and timely industry insights and guidance on practices in other sectors