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Technology for change, impact and digital equity

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The demands and risks of change for all types of organisations

Customer digital experience, services and communications comprise the gateway to wider digital transformation for all types of organisations

Medium-size businesses and non-profit organisations face as many challenges as large enterprise businesses (staying competitive, retaining customers and employees, growing revenue and reducing costs).

They need to master digital to build experiences, deliver services and target relevant communications to improve retention, grow and stay competitive.

To do this, they need to become more capable, fast, efficient and continue to learn, optimise and adapt to business changes and new technologies. They need fit for purpose technology, processes and people that sit within boundaries of budget, strategy and abilities.

There is a lot to gain from applying the experience from other sectors and types of businesses who have done some of this before to help dispel some of the uncertainty and find solutions that can be then tailored to others without reinventing the wheel and managing risk.

The need for a measurable return across business and social goals

Any implementation of digital technology should provide measurable benefits which span business and social impact.

The right technology must provide meaningful data for analytics to be used in suitable frameworks that trace directly back to both the strategic goals of the organisation across multiple dimensions of business and social goals. Technology should be accountable for both and measured by its outcomes in using impact metrics not purely financial ones.